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BEIS request for H2 Production Market Intelligence

The UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has requested input for an important piece of market intelligence work that BEIS is undertaking. This will improve their understanding of the potential hydrogen production project pipeline in the UK across the 2020s. If you are able to assist BEIS they would be grateful if you could submit relevant information by Wednesday 1st July.

BEIS are interested in market intelligence for two key aspects of hydrogen production:

1. Potential beyond the CCUS-enabled hydrogen projects in development in the main industrial clusters, where BEIS already have a good understanding

2. Potential for existing projects to be scaled up or accelerated

This information will be useful in informing policy thinking in the context of Covid recovery and our developing strategic work. In addition, BEIS may use stripped back information on live projects to report on UK activity for example to the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE). Any information provided is for information only and will not be used as a basis for government funding.

BEIS would be grateful to any SHFCA members who can help gather this information. You may receive the same request from other hydrogen membership bodies – apologies if you have received multiple requests. Please only respond to the request once, and ignore this email if it is not relevant to you or your organisation.

If information is not known (for example, the project is at concept stage or has not been through feasibility) then please leave fields blank or write 'not known'; if you have further information which you think would be useful to share with BEIS, please include this in your email return, or in the text box at the bottom of the form. BEIS recognise that some of the information may be commercial in confidence and for this reason BEIS would be very happy to receive information directly from project developers or partners. BEIS recognises that the form includes a lot of detail and would be grateful if you could complete the columns labelled ‘Core information’ where possible; we would welcome information labelled ‘Further information’ at a later stage if it is not possible to provide this initially.

Please find attached a project capture form which BEIS would be grateful if you could complete and return by Wednesday 1st July to the

Please note that information you provide, including commercially sensitive information, will be used by BEIS in confidence and will not be shared with external parties. BEIS may wish to extract examples and quotations from your responses as well as combining the information you provide with responses from other businesses to produce a summary report, this information will be used internally within BEIS and will not be published.

Many thanks in advance for your participation in this BEIS call for information. If you have any queries, or would like further information, please contact the team.

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