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Peachy Keen - The Human Energy Company – the ultimate in performance?

There can be nothing greener, surely, than the power of human energy? Harnessing human effort, enthusiasm and positive thinking is the essence of Peachy Keen, a company based in old coaching stables in Kirkcaldy.

Approaching its first anniversary in its permanent base, this remarkable business is led by Andrew Bowie. He has a track record of inspiring staff, colleagues, business partners and many others to strive for, and achieve, their best performance. From a diverse background in sport, IT and retail he has inspired people to work together as teams and as communities.

Combining his love of sport and his passion for getting people to achieve more than they ever dreamed they could drove the concept of Peachy Keen – The Human Energy Company. He had an idea of creating a boutique style, human powered gym.  And he named the company after a positive Australian phrase often used by his former secretary, “peachy keen” meaning “just right”.  Using his personal beliefs and experiences he has developed a business which literally shows the positive power of human energy.

Resigning from a highly successful position and taking up a barista job to keep finances in hand while developing the first Peachy Keen pod, Andrew demonstrated the determination and inspiration that defines the company. Although Andrew would hate to be described as a “networker” – he simply enjoys meeting people and they are inspired by him – the power of knowing lots of people in all kinds of places helped Peachy Keen immeasurably. Through the local gym he met Scott Jackson, a retired engineer, who helped him design and built the first version of his exercise pod.  Stage two was to develop the electronics to allow human pedal power to convert to electricity.  To prove that the concept worked required a bit of specialist insight.  Andrew’s wide network of friends and contacts took him to a London acquaintance who volunteered to drive up from London, examine the exercise pod and give his advice. 

And with that, suddenly two pods were urgently required for an event at the Glasgow Science Centre which proved such a success that bookings started to come in through recommendations.  The events are educational, fun and inspire people to put their very best effort in to see how much power they can generate through interactive activities. Andrew has a team of wonderful Peachy Keen representatives, mostly former colleagues and friends, who staff the events. Children and adults alike can see how their efforts on the pod will make a difference to power up electrical devices – the incentive to push themselves is demonstrated for all to see.

Andrew is now running a busy schedule of events with schools, special events, museums and visitor attractions with the pods.  Children have fun, have even begun to suggest a club idea with Peachy and Keen characters and learn a huge amount about the links between mental and physical energy, human performance, staying healthy by what they eat and how they live and understanding that “green” is about living sustainably.

Andrew has plans to develop the Peachy Keen brand through other innovations such as a sports clothing line. Designed to be stylish and suitable for high sports performance he is also committed to using recyclable materials like wool.  Working with local seamstresses and the Glasgow School of Art to come up with fashionable styles and colours he is also keen to incorporate positive affirmations on the clothes to reinforce his core brand messages. Look out for these in the gym in the not too distant future!

The underlying ethos at The Human Energy Company is the ultimate in “green” business – working to conduct business and personal lives in a spirit of harmony and at one with the environment. The people and the products gel to demonstrate this in practice.


On the company website they advocate:

                                                            • Collective responsibility.


                                                            • Corporate philanthropy.


                                                            • Community service.


                                                            • International mutual dependence.



People may not remember what you said, they may not remember what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.


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